Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam

Invisible Braces Treatment in Kumbakonam

The Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam idea of getting braces is not a pleasant one but now the option of invisible braces helps removing some of the stigma as well as the discomfort in the mouth. Indeed, getting braces might not be as bad as you think. Introducing INVISIBLE braces, the latest in the braces world – contact us to know more. We also cater to any invisible braces services required. The main differences between Invisalign, Invisalign clear braces, lingual braces, Invisalign vs all other traditional braces are that they are very comfortable, esthetic, faster treatment and can allow to eat any hard food. Many adults prefer invisible braces not just to improve their smile but also their hygiene and functional aspect of the teeth. The cost of the invisible braces depends on the complexity of the treatment. We are one of the top invisible braces provider & best dental doctor in kumbakonam who can provide you Invisible braces at affordable cost with uncompromised results.Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam

Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam

What’s the process?

Your Orthodontist will take a look at your teeth and discuss your the treatment plan. Once you decide to proceed with the treatment, we will take some photographs, an x-ray. Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam

Once the treatment stimulation/Clincheck is approved, your clear aligner tray will be made. The aligner is to be used by the patient as directed by the doctor. Each aligner has to be worn an optimal 22 hours a day for one to two weeks. The treatment time varies based on the complexity of the planned teeth movements. The aligner is removed for brushing, flossing and eating. As clear aligners are made from plastic, they can be warped by hot liquids. While undergoing treatment you should limit your intake of hot liquids to protect the shape of your aligners and stop them from becoming stained.

What are the Pros & Cons?

The Pros of Clear aligner is that they are very comfortable, invisible way to create the beautiful smile that you deserve, less duration compared to conventional braces, you can easily eat whatever you want. The Only cons is the cost factor.

What’s the cost?

The cost Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam of the treatment may vary depending on the complexity . The duration is much lesser compared to conventional braces.

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Is a specialized Oral Health Care centre and has come to be known for in unique blend of advanced expertise, patient first attitude, start of art technology and continuous innovation to make the patient experience comforting.
We are highly patient centric ensuring that the patient health and oral care are the number one priority for us. We have a specialized in Transparent Braces Teeth Price Cost in Kumbakonam and focused sterilization chamber using the talent technologies to make sure that we have nostone unturned when it comes to patient health and safety.
Our Chief doctor Dr.S. Saravakumar is a specialist in Root Canal Treatment and dental implant who is obessed with his passion on dentistry undergone Biofunctional Prosthetic system (BPS). In 2008 and Root Canal training in 2004. He also received fellowship in implantology. FICOI in 2010 and myofunctional orthodontics for pediatric patient in 2012.

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