Smile MakeOvers Treatment in Kumbakonam

Smile MakeOvers Treatment in Kumbakonam

Your smile: It’s the one feature that immediately tells the world how you’re doing. With age, your smile can lose its vibrancy due to discoloration, tooth loss, excessive wear or cavities and decay. A smile makeover can include any combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments. We are here to help you transform and create a smile that you are looking for! Vain off smiling with your hands covering your mouth. There is multiple cosmetic procedure like teeth whitening. Gummy smile correction, midline diastema closure, crooked teeth correction with dental veneers and crowns to bring the everlasting to you.

We do smile designing, teeth makeover, veneers, teeth reshaping, teeth cosmetic surgery, porcelain veneers, smile designing depending on patient need and expectation to correct gummy smile. You deserve the Perfect Smile, reach to us for more details. We are also specialised in providing digital Smile designing. Smile MakeOvers Treatment in Kumbakonam

Smile Makeovers Treatment in Kumbakonam

What is Smile makeover?

Is a cosmetic procedure involving the teeth, gums and lips. We transform your smile into a more confident one.

Who are smile makeover candidate?

  • Want to improve the appearance of teeth and are conscious while smiling.
  • Patients with trauma or individuals requiring full mouth rehabilitation.
  • Has abnormally shaped teeth
  • Has broken or chipped teeth
  • Have a “gummy” smile
  • Patients with teeth discolouration ,Stains
  • Having a midline space/ gap in the teeth

What are the procedures ?

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Composite fillings
  • Gum recontouring
  • Lumineers

For how long does the smile last?

Proper maintenance of the teeth and regular check-ups will help the smile makeover to last for several years. The materials used for the makeover are very strong and resistant to breakage and wearing.

What is the cost?

Quality of the material used and Skill of an esthetic dentist are a few factors which determines the cost.

We shall be attaching few of our Before and after pictures for your reference.
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