Child Dentalcare Treatment in Kumbakonam

Child Dentalcare Treatment in Kumbakonam

Pediatric dentistry specializes in/takes care of the oral health of infant, children and adolescent. Such dentists take care of wide variety of dental problems of children e.g. cavity, tooth decay, malocclusion, emergency care, crooked teeth etc. Child Dentalcare Treatment in Kumbakonam

Child Dentalcare Treatment in Kumbakonam

How differently do we handle kids at our clinic?

Kids need to be handled in a special way – ensuring that the fear and anxiety is removed and visiting the dentist becomes a pleasure rather than a pain. We also ensure that all our treatments cater towards the preventive measures for the kids and not just the specific symptom. This goes a long way in building their smile for the future.  The child dental care is provided by a child specialised dentist called pediatric dentist to understand child dental problem better and handle them in a simple and delicate way. Proper growth and hygiene of Child teeth is important to ENHANCE PROPER chewing and promote jaw development.

When should a child first visit the dentist?

According to American Academy of Pediatric Dentistsry the child should be brought to the dentist when he turns 1 year old. By that time the first teeth come and the dentist can discuss ways of keeping oral hygiene. A dentist can guide the parents about diet, tooth eruption, finger habits, fluoride etc.

Why are Baby teeth Important?

They help the child to chew food, smile properly and speak clearly. Baby teeth hold the space for permanent teeth. Milk teeth act as a guidance for permanent teeth. If child loses teeth at an early age because of decay/ damage the nearby teeth can encroach that free space which can result in misplaced/crooked permanent teeth.

How to clean baby teeth?

For an infant a soft cloth or gauze should be used to clean his/her gums after every feed. Once the child has one tooth a soft tooth brush can be used. Once the child develops a few teeth, tooth paste can be used. Tooth paste with fluoride is not recommended for children below 2 years because children have a habit of swallowing paste and taking in excess of fluoride can cause staining of teeth .Parents should brush the teeth of their children till the time they do that independently. Children should rinse their mouth thoroughly after brushing.

 What are dental sealants?

Sealants are the best way to avoid cavities. They cover the fissures and pits in the teeth .Sealants are susceptible to decays and are very difficult to brush off. Sealants are very effective and safe for children teeth, especially molars.

Does sucking thumb cause any problem in the teeth?

The child should stop sucking thumb before the eruption of permanent teeth. If this habit continues there will be problems such as buckteeth/open bite.

What are positive dental habits?

Keeping good oral hygiene is a family effort. The children should know the importance of brushing (twice a day). Moreover, regular dental check-ups are also necessary for good oral health.

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