Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kumbakonam

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kumbakonam

Is the process of lightening the color of the teeth is generally recommended for individuals having yellowish or brownish stains or to brighten your existing smile.Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kumbakonam

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kumbakonam

What are the different types of  procedure?


In-office bleaching gives significant results in very less time. Peroxide gel is used on teeth after the gums are protected with applying paint on a rubber dam. Stubborn stains may require one more session.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Such professional kits use lower concentration of peroxide gel, but the home kits gives great results after a long time. The gel is applied with the help of custom made trays (bleaching trays) that look like mouth guards.


This is the cheapest & convenient way of as it involves buying of whitening kit from the store. This kit has a bleaching gel, which is applied with the help of whitening strips, paints applied on applicators, trays. This method of tooth whitening may only whiten the front teeth and not the entire smile

What are the number of visit and time duration required?

Generally single visit is sufficient with approximately 45 mins of time.

What are the risks involved?

  • Temporary sensitivity in the teeth to hot/cold, touch and pressure which may last upto 15 days.
  • Gum irritation is a common feature and it tends to last for say a week.
  • Bonding, crowns, veneers and restoration are not affected by bleaching.
We shall be attaching few of our Before and after pictures for your reference.
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