K. Atchaya – Kumbakonam

I struggled eleven years without the teeth and after I came here I feel secured and feel comfortable to get my treatment  because every person in the hospital is to kind and humble with me. All my doubts got cleared and by their thorough and in depth explanation about the treatment procedure. Thanks a lot to each and everyone who help me to get my lovable smile back.


Clinic is very neat and all the staff members and sisters politely answer our queries. Dr. Saravana kumar whole handedly maintain the Hospitals He is key Role of the Hospitals. Thanks for Banu Dental Clinic.

R. Rajarajeshwari – Kumbakonan

Treatment is very good. All the doctors are handling the patients in a good manner with a warm Smile. Thank you for giving my “THE BEST SMILE” . Its feels good. Highly satisfied with the treatment. This clinic has quality equipments to provide the patients all kind of treatments. Neat & clean.

M. Maria David

The care they given was very good. I underwent treatment here. I’m in Pondicherry  I prefer this hospital because the service they provided. Thank you

N. Soorya Aravinda

Thanks for the treatment, I have suffered a lot with an dental pain and infected tooth, Now very much satisfied and feel good and comfortable, All the faculties and the doctors care and the way they treated us is highly appreciable.


I have undergone RCT here and the treatment. Was comfortable and the appointment taken is as per our comfort and the ground stuff and docter is very patient to hear  our concerns and help us make decisions as per our wish. Overall the treatment is satisfactory as what I have expected.

U. Mathan

I am coming to Banu Dental clinic for last few years. They are maintain the patients record very well. The appointmets are very flexible to book. The treatment which undertaking are explained was prior before the fees structure flexible based on their needs also in this Covid situation, the very well maintain the cleaniess and infection control protocol.

J. Raghavy – Banadurai, kumbakonam.

I suffered from toothache for 3 weeks. I was suggested to remove tooth, because my it is damaged. The treatment was very fine and now after my tooth removal it was feeling much better.The clinic is very good with hygiene and infrastructure. Very happy with their treatment!

G. Senthil Raj

This hospital is one of the best in our state. I had wonderfull to as in almond and this hospital is as good as gets it. Some of the top class features are hygeneric standards, professional follow up reminders and a an excellent treatment I know Dr. Saravan Kumar for more than 15 yrs. The growth up story of Banu hospital is of his talent, heard work & dedicate. He is really setting a high beach mask for this field. Congrats and Good Luck for his future endeavours.

I came for my grand mother’s treatment. They treated my Grandma very politely. she like the treatment, staff approach and  best Environment too. Thank you So Much.

Abiramasundar. K

I came here for Root canal treatment They are care for our teeth with Lovable and On time follow up for Our Periodic treatment I feel comfort & Satisfied in treatment. I am Suggesting who read treatment for On teeth. Thanks for the heart fully for Entire team.

G. Karthikeyan

Nice and qulity treatment and approach of Doctors & staffs are very kind. The Hospitals is very neat. Thanking you


I am fully satisfied and very convenient taking treatment here. Infrastructure is too good doctors are very friendly and
staffs are very kindful.

Sheik Faizal

One of the best dental Clinic Staffs are very polite. all the dentist really awesome and made se comfortable through out whole process. Dr. Saravana Kumar the is best dentist I ever seen. Thank you very much for all staffs All the very best

Akila puniyamoorthy

I am so happy with the treatment and care provided by the Doctors and each staffs. The hospital is very well sanitazied. I would story recommand the People to visit this hospital for dental problem. Thank you

M. Mekala

நீண்ட நாட்களாக சிகிச்சை பெற்று வருகிறோம் நல்ல திருப்த்தியாக உள்ளது. பல் எடுத்ததே தெரியவில்லை மென்மேலும் வளர எங்கள் குடும்பத்தின் சார்பாக வாழ்த்துகிறோம் .

R. Anusuya Mahalakshmi

When we came here lots of tension worries about teeth. But after consulting with Dr. Saravana Kumar, We got clear idea. We had good experience, polite and gentle. Thank you So much Sir.

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