Doctors for Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam

Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam

Orthodontics is a Doctors for Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam speciality of dentistry for diagnosing, prevention and correction of crooked, malaligned, irregular /abnormally placed teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, nearly 50% of population requires such correction to maintain good hygiene, good gum health, for maintaining integrity of teeth and for esthetics. Patients with mild to severe malocclusion can benefit . Orthodontist can also modify the growth of jaws with the use of functional appliance. Doctors for Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam

Doctors for Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam


We can cater to any of your braces services like lingual braces, metal braces, self-ligating braces (Damon) etc. Self-Ligating braces are scientifically proven to be 40% faster than conventional braces. Ceramic braces are an esthetic option for individual’s looking for a less visible bracket.


The duration is  of the depends on multiple factors like the severity of the problem, cooperation of the patient, type of bracket system used, the number of teeth that has to be moved, the health of the teeth, gums &the supporting bone. Doctors for Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam


The Braces Cost will vary based on the complexity of the type of dental braces you choose. It’s always ideal to get treated by an orthodontist for any of your alignment problem.

Importance of Retainer?

Most of the will require either removable or fixed retainer after your active phase of is done. The chances of relapse are high if you don’t wear your  retainer as advised by your doctor. Fixed retainer are more comfortable and preferable over removable retainer.

About Banu Dental

Is a specialized Doctors for Orthodontic Treatment in Kumbakonam Oral Health Care centre and has come to be known for in unique blend of advanced expertise, patient first attitude, start of art technology and continuous innovation to make the patient experience comforting.

We are highly patient centric ensuring that the patient health and oral care are the number one priority for us. We have a specialized and focused sterilization chamber using the talent technologies to make sure that we have nostone unturned when it comes to patient health and safety.

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